Kerry DiotteORLANDO, Fla. – Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo says the world is a more dangerous place under President Joe Biden than it was under Donald Trump.

Speaking Friday at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Orlando (CPAC), Pompeo recited a laundry list of what he said are Trump’s accomplishments, including building a border wall, being tough on China and North Korea and taking out an ISIS strongman.

Today though, the Biden administration has shown weakness, he said, and that’s contributed to a number of failures including the invasion of Ukraine.

“We’ve seen a Russian dictator now terrorize the Ukrainian people because America didn’t demonstrate the resolve that we did four years prior,” said Pompeo.

He suggested that those events would not have happened under the previous administration.

“It was peace through strength. We told people around the world you cannot tread on us.

“America demands good leadership and the world is depending on us.”

Pompeo took several broadside shots at China, saying when he was secretary of state he “could see that the greatest threat from abroad was the Chinese Communist Party.”

He said Trump helped tame that threat by winning a better trade deal with the regime.

But he said the Communist regime is still actively working to undermine the American way of life by infiltrating universities and even working to influence local governments in the U.S.A.

“What happens in Beijing does not stay in Beijing.

“You should demand that your mayor, your country commissioners, your school board member, your governor does not kowtow, does not bend a knee, to the Communist Chinese Party.”

Pompeo was such a hawk on China he was placed under sanctions by that government when he left office.

He’s scheduled to visit Taiwan next week and meet with President Tsai Ing-wen on a trip that includes a speech to a think tank.

There are fears among some that Communist China will move to invade Taiwan, an island China believes is a renegade province, not an independent nation.

CPAC draws thousands of people annually and is billed as the largest conference of conservatives in the world.

Donald Trump is slated to make a keynote speech Saturday at the conference.

Kerry Diotte is a Conservative activist who was a member of Parliament from 2015 to 2021 in the riding of Edmonton Griesbach. He’s a former city councillor and long-time journalist. For interview requests, click here.

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